Stay Wild Ladies Grey Melange Racerback Vest

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Stay Wild Ladies Grey Melange Racerback Vest
Item Code: TS2VG
Stay Wild Ladies Grey Melange Racerback Vest - Item Code: TS2VG

This design has been screenprinted from a scanned original drawing & watercolour painting by a South African artist onto a Ladies Grey Melange Racerback Vest. It shows the skull of an African Wildebeest with a posy of succulent Rock Roses on its head, giving the skull a feminine twist. This Ladies Racerback Vest is available in the following sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

Measurements for Racerback Vest sizes: Width: measures in cm across the bust 2cm below the armhole of the Vest.

                                                 Length: measures in cm from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom hem of the Vest.

SIZES: XS : W =  36.5cm       L = 61.5cm      weight: 0.086 kg

              S : W  = 38.5 cm       L =  62.5cm      weight: 0.078 kg

              M : W =  41.5cm       L = 63.5cm      weight: 0.090 kg

               L: W =   43.5cm       L =  64.5cm      weight: 0.116 kg

             XL: W =46.5cm          L = 65.5 cm     weight: 0.124 kg

Product Specifications

Our products are hand crafted and sizes are an average. The colour, design and size may vary slightly.

Weight: 0.000 kg
Length: 0.00   cm
Width: 0.00   cm
Height: 0.00   cm